Tale of Two Kiddies

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I have kids.

I have kids. From this one simple statement you already know so much about me… I am happy, sad, frustrated, grateful, tired, optimistic, anxious.

I am all of these things every single day, multiple times a day. I am happy at nap time. I am sad when I realize someone else, okay maybe it was me, finished the last of my cookies. I am frustrated when I am wiping someone else’s little butt or sitting in someone else’s pee on the toilet seat. I am grateful when I find the emergency stash of cookies hidden in my closet. I am tired from the time I wake up until about 5 minutes before I have to go to bed. I am optimistic that one day scientists will find that the chocolate/coffee/reality tv diet & exercise program is the best way to a healthier me. I am anxious that the previously mentioned scientific discovery will never happen. Now you know a little bit more about me – I am a little (& I use that word loosely) sarcastic.

Being as though this is my first post I feel the need to let you & the world know I really do love my kids very much. Bear with me while I get all sappy for a minute. I’m happy when my kids hug me tight & tell me they love me – and are not just trying to change my mind about something. I’m sad when I realize how quickly time is passing by – and then realize I spend so much of that time yelling. I’m frustrated when I can’t remember just how tiny they were or when each milestone exactly occurred – I didn’t need to write it down because how could I ever forget when that happened. I’m grateful each & every morning that I wake up and get to spend another wonderful day with my kids – even though I usually have to consciously remind myself of this, after my coffee, & then several more times throughout the day. I’m tired because I give every bit of energy to make sure my kids grow up to be decent, productive, kind, generous members of society – they’re 2 & 4 so there’s not always a lot of evidence yet that I’m doing a good job or that the energy is well spent, but there are shining moments that keep me going. I’m optimistic that my kids will live in a better world than we’re living in now – and they’re still young enough that I can be optimistic that they will be part of the reason the world is a better place. I’m anxious because I’m a mom, we worry about our kids and other people’s kids and the world and the environment and the economy – and who will be the biggest loser this season and who will win The Voice (Go Team Blake & Team Adam!)



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