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Kindergarten! How did that happen?!


Kid #1 starts kindergarten on Tuesday. WTF?! How in the world did that happen so fast?! I remember clearly finding out I was “expecting” him (expecting – as if he had a choice. I’m expecting him but maybe he won’t show up. Stupid term. Anyway…) I remember clearly having him, the entire day from start to finish, stamped forever in my brain. The following (almost) 5 years has passed by in a flash. After that day in April 2007, I remember absolutely nothing clearly – not even my entire day yesterday. As they would say on Seinfeld – I had a baby, yadda yadda yadda, now he’s starting kindergarten. Seriously. How did the last 5 years turn into yadda yadda yadda? I honestly remember drunken nights out from 8 years ago more vividly and accurately than I remember almost anything from the past 5 years (having kid #2 being an exception to that of course).

I’m so excited for him. I’m excited for new beginnings. We’ve had many new beginnings this year, so it’s very fitting that school be yet another one. I’m also excited that, due to the many unexpected paths life has taken us on, we have wound up back in my home town. Kid #1 will be going to kindergarten in the very same school that I started my educational journey in 26 years ago. Circle of life or some other happy bs like that. It is pretty cool though. So far the best thing about kindergarten is (other than his happiness & excitement) the awesome threatening power. No matter what I need or want him to do or stop doing, all I have to do is play the kindergarten card and my wish is his command. Worst part so far, the school supply list. I’d like 5 minutes alone in a room with the sadists that compile this torturous list. Better yet, I’ll just send my 4.5 year old & 20 of his friends to spend 2.5 hours every day locked in a room with her. Oh wait… I just got it, advanced payback at its finest.

Thanks to starting the day after a holiday weekend, I’ve been trying to get everything organized & ready for Tuesday, so that maybe I’ll have Monday to relax & do nothing. Well, nothing other than take care of a 3 & 4 year old by myself, but that’s easy right? I just mean nothing extra to get ready for the start of school. However I’m on the fence. As much as I’d like to be super organized, have all set to go, & be the model parent, I also don’t want to set the bar too high. No sense being an over-achieving mom for the first week if I have no intention or plausible expectation of being an OAM the rest of the year. I try, really, but even my best efforts fizzle out by Day 10, or Day 2, who’s counting. Example: I bought a closet organizer at a yard sale. It has 5 cubbies, for Monday through Friday. The idea was to get all the outfits for the week ready, have them in the closet in their respective day’s hole, easy. The problem lies in implementing said plan. You see, it is hanging in the closet that is so piled high with shit that there’s room for Monday & Tuesday to hang, while Weds – Fri get smooshed together in a wad atop the pile. Actually that’s perfect because I don’t see it being used, or helpful, much past Tuesday. If only you could freely open & close the closet without a clothes-valanche threatening to knock you to the ground, maybe we’d have a couple days of organization.

Anyway I’m excited, nervous, anxious, happy, relieved, & shocked that my baby is starting kindergarten in a couple days. What do you do to keep some semblance of order & sanity in your school routine? Please remember who you’re talking to, any high maintenance or ridiculously involved suggestions will be politely thanked, laughed at for a length of time proportionate to the amount of time necessary to carry out the idea, & then completely forgotten/ignored/dismissed/unused. Thanks in advance for suggestions & good luck to any other first-timers dealing with school. *Good thing tissues were on the school supply list & good thing I had the foresight to buy in bulk at BJ’s – pretty sure I’ll need a few boxes on Tuesday!


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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten! How did that happen?!

  1. When I dropped my baby (Kid #2) off to kindergarten I did the happy dance down the hall, artfully dodging all the weeping moms who just dropped off their Kid(s) #1. Then I went to breakfast with other moms who had just dropped their last kid(s). Now my Kid #2 is a freshman in high school and his older brother is a senior (in the same high school). Next year I’ll be dropping Kid #1 off at college. I’m not sure yet what kind of dancing (if any) I’ll be doing then. It’s weird to think he’s moving out in a year… You’re right. Blink, and it’s over.

    • I have been looking forward to this day for about 2.5 years! My cousin & I actually started a countdown a little over a year ago. Reality vs theory is hitting me a little harder than I thought it would I guess. I think I’m more upset over the realization that I just wished the time away instead of “cherishing those precious moments”. What a cruel gift motherhood is – torture while you’re living it, followed by guilt you didn’t fully embrace it & then the time is gone. I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to the college days long before they happen but hopefully I’ll remember from time to time to just enjoy the journey there.

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