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Single mom struggles summed up in 30 minutes

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile. Hope you’re doing great or, at the very least – like me, you’ve been surviving with more than occasional glimpses of great! It’s been so long because I’ve pretty effectively been venting via Twitter… Last night’s experience just couldn’t be contained to 140 characters though: 

The last 30 minutes of my life are a great example of the struggles of being a single mom… My house is currently filled with smoke because no sooner did I give in to the unbearable heat & humidity and shut all the windows to begrudgingly turn on the air conditioner, at 9:00 my kids emerge from their video game stupor to realize they’re hungry because they haven’t eaten a proper dinner… even though they ate non-stop from 6:00-8:00. I make grilled cheese, actually I burn 2 grilled cheeses & start over. Second batch is less black so it’s gets my “good enough” stamp of approval. The little one tells me he wants another one as he walks away with his still uneaten first. He returns 15 seconds later crying because he dropped it on the floor and now it’s too dirty to eat. Luckily (?) the bigger one has fallen asleep.. on the couch. He’s now a 100 pound 8 year old. Him sleeping on the couch means the living room is now closed for the night.  I make little guy his second sandwich and bring it to him. He tells me he didn’t want it burned & kindly requests that next time I don’t burn them. With the sweetest smile I could muster, I let him know that it was not my intention & I’ll try harder next time. Go back in the kitchen to make myself tuna – not a huge fan but times are tough. This week I threw my little guy a birthday party instead of grocery shopping. So now we’re working on the non-perishables and another night of pasta doesn’t sound exciting. My broken can opener, which previously only worked by squeezing it over & over around the edge of the can, decides to spontaneously self-destruct at first squeeze. As the only parent with two littles at home, even if I had the money to I couldn’t go anywhere to buy something to eat or to the dollar store where I could afford to get another can opener. So here I sit in a smoke-filled kitchen attempting to pry open a can of tuna to have for dinner at 10:00 pm… Oh well, smoked tuna sounds kind of gourmet right? 


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