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What to do with a fussy baby

I am now watching a usually very happy 4 month old baby boy. He is super cute but not very happy unless he’s being held. I’ve tried everything. Could anyone give me any suggestions as to what may help? I love these kids as if they were my own but it’s very difficult to take care of 3 other kids, all under 4, with a baby in my arms. I want him to be able to get the rest he needs and also be able to take care of the others. Sometimes I get very frustrated – and use humor and this blog – as a way to vent and stay sane.

*Note: This is an update to this post. The previous post been deleted. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my intent, I was just exaggerating for comical effect. Guess I’m not as funny as I thought. In an effort to keep this fun and light, I will save my sarcasm & humor for posts about people I don’t know, myself, & my kids – until my kids learn how to read, then it will just be for strangers & myself.


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