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I write a blog. Who cares?!

I write a blog – who cares? The short answer: not too many people. Those few who do, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read & follow me 🙂 The long answer: Not too many people. Haha. Seriously though, I can’t speak for everyone who blogs, but I don’t really do it for other people. I write for myself. I think that most of us do. I have a bad day or a profound thought (not often) or I’m grateful for something (always) or something makes me laugh (all the time – I do have kids!) and I want to write about it. To vent, to share, to always remember. Maybe someone is going through the same things or has already done it or needs a laugh for the day. If one person smiles or feels less alone because of something I wrote then that is what it is all for – even if that one person is me. I don’t write for “likes” or “follows” but, to be completely honest, I love the hell out of them and appreciate every single one I get 😉


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